Our vineyard is located on the mountainside outside Kranidi, specifically at the area Komini or Vresteza (small vineyard). Its area reaches about 100 acres, on an altitude from 250 to 300 meters and northeast orientation. The soil is round-stoned (pebbles), which means that improves drainage and the right ventilation of the radical system. There is also the possibility of irrigation and the cultivation is linear.

Giannis Kontovrakis and his niece Nadia Kotsaki, with great passion, continue the family tradition, modernizing on the same time the cultivation of the vineyard, which area they had expanded four times more than the initial. Nowadays the production of wine is made in modern installations of the vinery, next to the vineyards. They use the most modern and updated methods to conserve, preserve and aging procedure of the wine, but always respecting tradition. Their principal care is the preservation of high quality


In Domain Kontovrakis we have rescued and cultivate the old variety Rokaniaris of Kranidi, where we are its only cultivators in Greece (Government Publications Paper 300446 5/6/2008). Rest of the varieties we host is Sklavos, Roditis, Sabbatiano, Mourvedre, Cabernet Sauvignon. Our wines have been awarded in Greek and international wine variety contests.

Domaine Kontovraki
Vineyard and Vinery

Giannis Kontovraki’s vineyards are located at Kranidi, where the varieties Roditis, Sklavos, Roditis, Sabbatiano, Agiorgitiko and Cabernet Sauvignon are being cultivated. These exceptional varieties are being bottles and come to your table in this modern vinery of the estate, and it is sure that their taste will “enchant” you.


The Vine Harvest

Harvest usually begins since mid-August and later. The initiation depends always on weather conditions of the area. With no doubt it is most important moment of the vine’s life circle. Wine grower, according to his experience, chooses the right moment to begin harvesting.

Picking the fruit by hands, extremely carefully and respectfully to the vine. Grapes are transferred immediately to our vinery without any suffering, to start the procedure of grape pressing and later on the must is transferred to our appropriate tanks to begin wine making.

Through our wine making we meet the world, we create friendships and the best companies… we are waiting for you!
Nadia Kotsaki

Our history… our treasure

Giannis Kontovrakis, living at Kranidi, continues traditionally cultivating the vines inherited from his father Vasilios Kontovrakis.

During Vasilios prosperity times, he had one of the best taverns of the area, which had been functioning until 1970.

Even the grandfather of Giannis was dealing with vines, wine and the tavern during his whole life.